GP Summer Reading Challenge

 GP Summer Reading Challenge

Did you know that when a kid reads over the summer they are more likely to leap ahead when they return to school? Our school has made it a priority to keep our students’ skills sharp by encouraging them to read all summer long.

Literacy Tidbits:

~ Kids are more likely to finish a book they pick out themselves, so visit the library, bookstore or your own bookshelves, and let them choose a book to read. Research shows that 89% of kids ages 6-17 agree their favorite books are the ones that they have picked out themselves.

~ A recent study shows parents underestimate the degree children have trouble finding books they like. Only 29% of parents say their child had trouble finding books versus 41% of kids ages 6-17 saying, “I have trouble finding books I like.” Take the time to get to know their interests and ask their teachers or the local librarian for some titles that are age appropriate and guaranteed to excite even the most reluctant reader.

~ Research shows 87% of kids ages 6-11 say they love(d) being read aloud to at home. Set a goal and see how many books/minutes you can read together in one summer. Be a reading role model and pick a favorite book to read daily. (picture book, comic, article- everything counts!)

*Above statistics come from: Kids & Family Reading Report, 6th Edition (2016)


GP Motivation for current K-3rd students: Keep a Reading Log over the summer for the minutes spent on reading. You can keep track of this on a piece of paper. Everyone reading 800 minutes or more will earn a prize. All students that turn in a Reading Log will be recognized in Morning Assembly. Please turn your Reading Log to your teacher the first week of school.

Example of a Reading Log:

Student’s Name


Time Spent


Susie Q

Reading A-Z







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